Evettro is a glass art studio dedicated to the creation of leaded, stained, faceted and kilnformed glass.

At Evettro, every residential and commercial project is designed and handmade completely in Southern California.

“Mineralia”, Stained Glass Panel, Detail. Evettro ©, 2014.

Our experience allows us to design and elaborate windows, sidelights, transoms, skylights, mirrors and rooms dividers. We work with architectural, art, beveled, clear, colored, dichroic, fusible, hand-blown, hand-rolled, iridized, opalescent, textured, transparent, translucent glasses and mirrors. Based on the project, we use brass, copper foil, nickel, lead, reinforced lead and/or zinc came.

“Flaming”, Stained Glass Panel, Detail. Evettro ©, 2014.

At Evettro, we can create new pieces of artwork with inserts using the copper foil along with the stained glass technique.

“Steady”, Stained Glass Panel with Blue Agate Insert, Detail. Evettro ©, 2016.

Our expertise also includes glass stamping, glass combing, jewelry making, as well as, glass faceting (beveling) and coldworking.

“Empire’s Sunburst”, Stained Glass Panel, Detail. Evettro ©, 2016.

Let’s make exceptional the conventional.